Hotel sustainability

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Sustainability in the hotel and ski room

Sustainability in your hotel doesn't have to be expensive. You don't have to feel compelled to buy high-priced green power or "high-tech" solar panels. Often, small changes are enough to make a big impact. Surely there are some among your guests who would greatly appreciate a sustainable hotel. Not sure where to start? Find out how to make your hotel and ski room a more eco-friendly place and useful tips on how to do it here!

3 tips for more sustainability in the hotel

Economical lighting

Of course, your guests do not have to sit in the dark. LED lamps are up to 90% more economical than conventional lamps. If they are then connected to motion detectors, it's a real dream for the environment and, of course, for your wallet. In addition, LED lamps have a longer life, and the sum of repairs and maintenance is less than other types of lamps.

Waste separation and waste avoidance

Waste separation is already an integral part of society when it comes to sustainability. However, in a hotel this can easily get lost, especially on busy days. That's why it's important that your team is well trained. Above all, it's important to reduce the amount of waste that is produced. This can be accomplished, for example, by avoiding plastic-wrapped jams at breakfast. For example, switch to refillable glass bowls and large jars of jam. In most cases, the latter are even cheaper than small jam packs.

Save water

To improve sustainability in your hotel, you can save water in the hotel. You can do this in two different ways. First, you could wash your guests' towels and bedding only every other day. In a 100 room hotel, this can save an average of 270,000 liters of water per year. The second option is to switch to water-saving showerheads and faucets. These usually cost only slightly more than conventional ones and save both water and costs over time.

Sustainability in the ski room

Energy can also be saved in the ski room. Automatically opening doors, for example, can keep the heat in the room and prevent excessive heating. Motion sensors can also be installed in the ski room.
Would you like to save even more energy?
Then our Superdry electric boot dryer is just the thing for you. The modular drying system made of durable and hygienic stainless steel, can be individually mounted on the wall. It is therefore ideally suited for installation under windows and stairways. Can be dried, shoes of all types and sizes.
But what makes the electric Superdry so special?
Drying 5 pairs of shoes in an hour consumes as much energy as a light bulb! In addition, individual modules can be controlled by a timer, which further minimizes power consumption. The ski boot dryer is therefore absolutely climate-friendly.

Another energy-saving option that might suit you is our new shoe dryer with Secatronic technology. This system is also made of stainless steel and can be used for individual wall sizes due to its modular form and can be mounted on impact. All shoe sizes, including children's shoes, can be gently dried on this dryer without creating pressure points. What makes this shoe dryer unique is that only the occupied 4 cm long drying spikes heat up. Thanks to Secatronic technology, a pair of shoes also consumes only 14 watts per hour. An external timer controls the drying time.

You still have questions? We will be happy to answer your questions and advise you in an individual meeting. Write to us at or simply call us at +43 5474 5500.

Greetings from Pfunds
Your team Regensburger!

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