From ski room to bike room – how to convert your multifunctional room!

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Spring is here and soon your summer guests will be too. It’s time to convert your ski room into a bike room. Find out what you need to bear in mind here and which extras you can add to your bike room before the big rush!

Your ski room should undergo an efficient metamorphosis to provide your guests with the best possible welcome, even in the warmer months. A well-designed bike room will not only make the hearts of your bike guests beat faster, but will also increase the value of your offer.

The basic equipment: from ski storage to bike racks

Winter is over, and with it the skis leave the room. Bicycles are taking their place, and they not only need space, but also the right kind of storage. Modern, space-saving and high-quality bicycle storage creates convenience for your guests. Our top 3 bike storage systems:

1st bike rack

Mountain bikes and racing bikes are often designed without a built-in stand, which is why they are often leaned against walls. A bike rack is the ideal solution to protect both your walls and your guests’ high-quality bicycles. A rack like this provides a safe and gentle storage option that also keeps the bike room tidy.

Why our bike rack?
  • Height and angle-adjustable feet with concealed hole for fixed anchoring
  • Absolutely weatherproof, all end pieces sealed with high-quality Duroplast caps
  • Folding mechanism with locking mechanism for quick assembly and disassembly
  • Space-saving transportation & storage
  • No pressure points on the saddle from hanging up the bikes
  • No damage to brake discs or rims due to insertion stand

The Bike Rack is not only great during the warmer months, but can also be converted into our Ski Rack in winter in just a few simple steps.
Discover in the store. To the bike rack

2nd bike lift for e-bikes

To enable your guests to store their bikes conveniently and effortlessly, we recommend using our bike lift. This useful tool has been specially designed to easily lift e-bikes weighing up to 45 kilograms. This means that e-bikes can be stored safely and space-savingly in the bike room with minimal effort. Such a system ensures that guests store their energy for bike tours and at the same time benefit from orderly and tidy storage.

What makes it special?
  • Specially developed for e-bikes up to 45 kg
  • Ergonomic stowage without much effort
  • Quick & easy wall mounting with just 6 screws
  • High-quality & durable stainless steel

Discover in the store. To the e-bike lift

3. bike wall mount

The new space-saving and uncomplicated bike wall mount is suitable for all frame and tire dimensions. This allows you to make optimum use of the space in your home’s bike room. The tilting function allows access to the individual bikes at any time. They allow your guests to store their bikes easily and simply.

Why our bike wall mount?
  • Suitable for all frame and tire dimensions (including e-bikes)
  • Secure hold for your and your guests’ bikes
  • The lateral tilting function allows access to the individual bikes at any time
  • Gentle on the walls, as the wheel also rests on a small stainless steel plate at the bottom
  • Bikes can also be locked with an optional locking device

Discover in the store: To the wall mount

Locking systems for more security

When converting a ski room into a bike room, safety is an aspect that you must not neglect. High-quality locking systems are essential to protect your guests’ valuable bikes. Therefore, integrate individual lockers or a central locking system equipped with robust locks and possibly even an access control system. Video surveillance can provide additional protection and increase your guests’ sense of security.

Discover our accessories and locking systems for your bike room here

Tools and service station

A bike room is enhanced by additional services such as repair and maintenance stations. Equip the room with the tools needed for the most common repairs and offer cleaning facilities for bicycles. Our space-saving bike tool set is ideal for this. Also consider a pump and a workbench for minor adjustments.

By converting your ski room into a multifunctional bike room, you create added value that will impress your guests and enrich their stay.

Whether it’s the versatile Bike Rack, which not only stores bikes safely but also protects your walls, the ergonomic Bike Lift, which allows even heavier e-bikes to be stored effortlessly, or the innovative Bike Wall Mount with its practical tilting function – each solution is designed to make effective use of space and keep your guests’ bikes safe and organized.

Visit our store to discover the featured products and many more solutions that will take your bike room to the next level.

You still have questions? We will be happy to answer your questions and advise you in an individual meeting. Write to us at or simply give us a call on +43 5474 5500.

Greetings from Pfunds
Your team Regensburger!

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