Accessories for the perfect ski room

In addition to the appropriate sports lockers, ski holders and ski racks, as well as suitable seating, you will also find other useful accessories. This ideally complements your ski room. Discover our range now and make your ski room perfect!

Made in Tyrol


Combination lock electronic

Secure your ski room with our electronic combination lock and protect your valuable equipment from unauthorized access! Our combination lock offers you a convenient and secure way to protect your space without relying on a physical key. It is user-friendly to operate and individually programmable codes can be set. This way you can be sure that only authorized persons have access to your ski room.

Discover our electronic combination lock now and secure your room effectively and reliably. A ski room accessories worth it!

Rotary latch for padlock

Secure your ski room effectively and reliably with our rotary bolt lock for padlocks! Our high-quality twist-lock latches offer you an easy and secure way to protect your equipment from unauthorized access. By using a padlock, you can ensure that only authorized people have access to your room.

Discover now our twist locks and ensure optimal security in your ski room!

Rubber mat

Ensure the optimal flooring in your ski room with our high-quality rubber mat! Our durable and non-slip rubber mats provide a perfect base for your equipment. They also protect the floor from damage and dirt. The rubber mat is particularly easy to clean, making it the ideal solution for everyday use.

Discover now our rubber mats and ensure a safe and clean workplace in your ski room!

Drip cups for locker

The drip cups for the stainless steel locker 5-STAR are the perfect solution for your ski room. They also keep it dry and clean under the lockers. Made of high quality stainless steel, these cups are durable and long lasting.

Edge protection stainless steel

This product protects wall corners and columns from damage. It is easy to install and can be attached with standard adhesive silicone.

The use of this product provides an effective way to increase the longevity of wall corners and columns. This can save costs for repairs.

Disinfectant dispenser

The elegant stainless steel pedestal with a fine-finish look is a flexible and versatile product that fits into any area. It can be set up without assembly and is therefore immediately ready for use. The container, contains 500ml of disinfectant and can be refilled. It is removable and provides additional protection against theft.