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Rotary latch padlock

Protect your equipment in the ski room from unauthorized access with our high quality twist lock padlock. The twist lock is perfect for padlocks. The easy handling and secure locking ensure optimal protection. Discover our twist locks now. Ensure maximum safety in your ski room!

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Maximum security for your equipment in the ski room with our twist lock padlock!


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Other accessories for your ski room

Discover our wide range of accessories for the ski room! We offer a wide range of first-class products to equip your room in the best possible way. Our accessories include: Rubber mats, twist locks, electronic combination locks, drip cups, edge protectors and disinfectant dispensers. Discover our products now and design your ski room optimally!

All season wardrobe
Combination lock-electronic
Distributore di disinfettante
Disinfectant dispenser
Tappetino in gomma
Rubber mat
All season wardrobe
Drip cups
All season wardrobe
Edge protection