Economic factor ski tourism

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Wirtschaftsfaktor Skitourismus

Ski tourism has been enjoying strong popularity for years. In 2018, 65 million overnight stays and 17 million ski tourists were recorded in Austria.
Why this should be reason enough to make your hotel attractive for ski vacationers, how important the economic factor ski tourism is for the economy and which trends are coming to hotels and lodging establishments, you will learn in this article!

Ski tourism: vacation of the masses

Ski tourism is a driving economic force for many regions in the D-A-CH area. In Germany, skiing is one of the most popular sports. As of 2022, over 8 million Germans are actively skiing. Places that are located in the Alps are very popular destinations in the winter months. The countries can also look forward to very many international winter guests. In Austria, ski tourism is the strongest. This is also noticeable from the typical townscape, which is often characterized by hotels and guesthouses as well as slopes and lifts. In 2019, the turnover in the winter season was 14.9 billion euros, compared to 11.4 billion euros in 2010. But not only that: the economic factor of ski tourism also creates jobs. Approximately 33,000 people are in full-time employment directly or indirectly through it.

What trends are coming to winter tourism?

Winter vacation also shows, most trips are getting shorter. Conversely, this means there is less time to impress guests. Therefore, it is advantageous to present yourself well online in advance. Digitalization does not stop at winter tourism. Because the majority of ski tourists search online for the right accommodation for their ski vacation. An appealing website is therefore indispensable. More and more vacationers are also concerned about sustainability and the environment. Often this also becomes a selection criterion for the hotel. If your accommodation business also focuses on resource conservation and environmental friendliness, you are doing everything right.

Why the perfect ski room is a so-called must-have

To ensure that your winter guests feel completely at home and that your hotel continues to be modern, sustainable and also up to date in terms of equipment, your ski cellar should be transformed into a functional and comfortable ski room.

The following advantages have a well-equipped ski room:

+ Your guests can store their belongings in lockers and do not have to worry about anything getting lost

+ The safety of your guests is ensured, as no skis, poles are lying around on the floor and thus do not become dangerous tripping hazards.

+ Your ski guests will be in a good mood because they can store their belongings in a hygienic and visually appealing ski room

+ After a nice ski day your guests can dry their ski clothes as well as gloves and ski boots comfortably in the ski room. So they start the next day fresh

+ With the right electric glove and ski boot dryers, you can save a lot of electricity and do something good for the climate and the environment at the same time(Find out more about modern, energy-saving drying systems here).

Studies show that, in addition to well-prepared slopes and guaranteed snow in the ski area, ski vacationers are particularly interested in winter sports-friendly accommodation. Therefore, an investment in a qualitative and modern ski room is definitely worth it. Other offers on your part, such as ski courses can make your hotel even more attractive as a destination.

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