Shoe dryer SuperDRY

Shoe dryer SuperDry | electric

Dry your shoes energy-efficiently with the SuperDRY shoe dryer, whether in summer or winter. The availability of different module sizes allows optimal use of wall space, even in areas under stairs and windows.

With its elegant stainless steel design, the SuperDRY shoe dryer is ideally suited for wall mounting. It impresses with low energy consumption, which, for example, for 5 pairs of shoes is only 70 watts per hour – equivalent to the consumption of a conventional light bulb. A robust drying mandrel with a diameter of 4 cm provides an extended contact surface, thus avoiding pressure points. At the same time, it ensures effective heat distribution in the shoe and dries it to the tips.

The different module heights guarantee perfect adaptation to any wall surface, even in hard-to-reach places such as under stairs or windows.

The modules can be activated individually or in groups, with an external timer controlling the drying time. The lined-up assembly of the modules provides a visually appealing overall appearance (see detail photo).

Shoe dryer SuperDRY is suitable for all types of shoes.

Detailed description

  • Modules from 2 to 5 pairs of shoes available
  • A 4 cm thick dry mandrel prevents the following due to the large contact area
  • Pressure points and ensures the best drying and is low odor
  • Different module heights make optimum use of every wall surface
  • External timer controls the drying time
  • Noble appearance due to stainless steel
  • Also suitable for children’s shoes
  • Low odor


SuperDRY 02

Height | Width | Depth: 60 | 30 | 29 cm
Capacity: 2 pairs of shoes
Power | Rated current: 30 W/h
0.2 A / inrush current 0.64 A

SuperDRY 03

Height | Width | Depth: 98 | 30 | 29 cm
Capacity: 3 pairs of shoes
Power | Rated current: 40 W/h
0.3 A / inrush current 0.96 A

SuperDRY 04

Height | Width | Depth: 136 | 30 | 29 cm
Capacity: 4 pairs of shoes
Power | Rated current: 55 W/h
0.4 A / inrush current 1.28 A

SuperDRY 05

Height | Width | Depth: 173 | 30 | 29 cm
Capacity: 5 pairs of shoes
Power | Rated current: 70 W/h
0.5 A / inrush current 1.6 A

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