Schuhtrockner mit Warmluft

Shoe dryer with hot air

This aesthetically pleasing hot air stainless steel wall mounted shoe dryer provides approximately 50% faster drying compared to electric shoe dryers. Specially designed for places like ski rental stations or other areas where fast drying is required, the unit features excellent energy efficiency – the air is heated directly in the tube. It is offered as a module, each of which holds 10 pairs of shoes, with a module height of 173 cm and a minimum room height of 200 cm. The robust and easy-to-clean surface of the hot air shoe dryer ensures lasting durability.

Detailed description

  • With 20 drying thorns for 10 pairs of shoes
  • Designed for ski rentals, sports clubs and all who need it dry quickly
  • For better energy efficiency, the air is first heated in the pipe
  • Noble appearance due to stainless steel
  • Quiet high performance blower
  • Carbon free blower motor


Height | Width | Depth: 170 | 60 | 33 cm
Capacity: 10 pairs of shoes
Power | Rated current: 415 W/h
2.0 A / inrush current 2.6 A

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