Glove dryer electric

In a hotel room, gloves on radiators can lead to clutter, dirty walls and untidy rooms. While some guests use the boot dryers in the ski room to dry their gloves, there is a more efficient solution:

Our glove dryer has room for nine pairs of gloves, in the space that would normally be taken up by five pairs of shoes. Thanks to the electronic temperature control of the robust drying mandrel, an even distribution of heat is ensured, providing fast yet gentle drying. In addition, the rounded end caps protect the gloves from any damage.

Detailed description

  • Space saving drying for wet gloves
  • Electronically controlled temperature regulation
  • Rounded end caps protect against damage
  • Easy to clean stainless steel surface


Height | Width | Depth: 173 | 30 | 29 cm
Capacity: 9 pairs of gloves
Power | Rated current: 126 W/h
0.9 A / inrush current 2.88 A

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