Preparing your hotel for winter: A comprehensive guide for hoteliers

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Hotel auf den Winter vorbereiten_ Ein umfassender Guide für Hoteliers

The winter months are fast approaching and the hotel industry in Austria, Germany and Switzerland is preparing intensively for the upcoming season. The conversion from summer to winter operation is not only a logistical challenge, but also an opportunity to offer guests an unforgettable vacation experience. In this article you will learn numerous tips on how to best prepare your hotel and ski room for winter, while keeping up with the changing trends in the hotel industry.

Prepare the hotel for winter

With these small adaptations you will make your hotel the dream of every winter vacationer:

  • Plan winter services: plan ahead for snow removal, provide gritting materials and consider how to ensure safe access to the hotel.
  • Create a cozy atmosphere: Cozy blankets, warm lighting and wintry decorations will make your guests feel good. So be sure to equip your hotel with it.
  • Plan activities: Organize winter activities for your guests. From guided ski tours to tobogganing excursions or cross-country skiing, your guests will be delighted with a varied offer.

Winter customer service

In addition to the hotel’s physical facilities, customer service is also critical to making the winter season a success. Guests often have special needs during the cold season. Maybe they need recommendations for the best ski routes, instructions on how to use the ski room equipment, or advice on how to prepare for the weather. Make sure your staff is trained and ready to answer these questions competently. It’s often these small details in service that are remembered and keep guests returning year after year.

Hotel industry in transition: What is changing?

In recent years, environmental awareness and sustainability have also gained importance in the hotel industry. Biodegradable hotel accessories, energy-saving equipment or sustainable building materials are just some of the trends that are gaining ground. Also keep this in mind when preparing your hotel for winter. You want to learn more about sustainability in the hotel? Then read on here.

Understand the value of a well-organized ski room

For many guests, an organized ski room is the centerpiece of their winter vacation. They are looking for a place to keep their equipment safe, dry and easily accessible. That’s why the right ski room setup is so crucial. With modern ski room equipment, you can ensure that the room is not only functional, but also attractive and user-friendly.

Ski room facility: What belongs to it?

When preparing your ski room for winter, there are a few things to keep in mind. A good ski room should offer more than just storage space. It should be a place where your guests feel comfortable and can easily find their equipment. These include:

  • Ski and snowboard racks: A must-have for every ski room. They allow guests to park their skis and snowboards neatly and safely.
  • Boot dryer: These ensure that the ski boots are dry and warm the next morning.
  • Lockers: For the safe storage of helmet, gloves and other accessories of your guests.
  • Seating: A small area where guests can sit while they dress or undress their equipment.

You want to know more about what your ski room should be able to do? Then read on here.

From bike room to ski room: tips for conversion

For hotels that offer a bike room in the summer, converting it to a ski room while preparing the hotel for winter can be an added challenge.

  • Use existing structures: Many elements, such as our lockers, can be used for both bicycle and ski equipment.
  • Flexibility is key: think about how you can design the space to work equally well in summer and winter. Modular furniture and adjustable shelving systems are optimal here.

You can find more on this topic here.

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