With this ski room equipment you will inspire your guests

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Mit dieser Skiraum Ausstattung begeistern Sie Ihre Gäste

The ski room represents the heart of the hotel for many ski vacationers. For most ski tourists, the winter sports-friendliness of the accommodation facility is a decisive booking criterion. These are good reasons to take a closer look at your ski room equipment and optimize it if necessary.
In this blog post, you’ll learn about the latest trends in ski room equipment and what tomorrow’s customers not only want, but already expect.

Practical stowage options ensure order

You always notice ski boots lying around and skis that have fallen over? Nobody likes chaos in the ski room. But above all, the mess can quickly become a fall hazard. An injury can mean the end of your ski vacation. Fortunately, there are ski room equipment that can help minimize danger. These “ski gadgets” make it easy to keep the floor in the ski room clear to create a sense of structure and order among guests:

  • Ski and snowboard wall mounts
  • Custom ski lockers with large capacity
  • Power saving electric shoe dryer

Ski and snowboard wall mounts in detail

This “ski gadget” is an important part of the perfect equipment in the ski room, as it is an effective way to create order and also easy and convenient for your guests to use. Our ski and snowboard wall bra ckets are suitable for all types of skis and snowboards and are available in different versions- With hanging bracket or the Complete 150 wall, where the ski ends are held by the bottom part. In addition, this ski rack offers the possibility to store poles as well. All wall brackets are made of stainless steel. This is characterized by its durability and longevity and is also particularly easy to clean.

Individual ski lockers with large capacity as a safe place to store ski equipment.

Your guests want to feel completely comfortable during their stay at your hotel. This includes not having to worry about expensive ski equipment. Combine this with the greatest amount of comfort and you get the All Seasons wardrobe, a ski locker with two compartments suitable for up to four people. Thanks to its size, it can be ideally used by families as well as groups. A special feature of the All Seasons cabinet is the 4 shoe and glove dryers built in as standard, which ensure dry hands and feet at all times. Due to its spaciousness, ski clothing and helmets can also be easily stowed. All this makes the All Seasons cabinet a must-have “ski gadget” for your ski room equipment.
Now you may wonder why the name “All Season wardrobe”? Quite simple, because the locker was designed so that it can be ideally used also in the warm season for equipment such as helmets and bicycle or hiking equipment.

Power-saving electric shoe dryers combine energy-efficient drying with space-saving storage

Every skier and snowboarder knows the problem of having to slip into cold, wet boots on the second day of skiing. Perhaps one or the other has already caught a cold as a result. To spare your guests wet feet, an electric boot dryer is essential in the ski room equipment. Our Secatronic dryer is the best choice if you want smart and sustainable technology for your ski room. In fact, this boot dryer heats only the occupied drying thorns and a pair of ski or snowboard boots consumes only 14W per hour.

What else should not be missing?

With the above ski gadgets, your ski room is very well equipped. To make the room additionally safer, it is advisable to line the floor with non-slip mats, as this quickly becomes slippery due to the melted snow. Also create a pleasant atmosphere for your guests. A little decoration in the ski room, can lighten the mood and thus contribute to the fact that your ski vacationers feel completely comfortable with you.

You still have questions? We will be happy to answer your questions and advise you in an individual meeting. Write to us at info@skiraum.at or simply call us at +43 5474 5500.


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