Secatronic Schuhtrockner intelligent von Regensburger

Secatronic intelligent shoe dryer

The innovative Secatronic shoe dryer, which can function as a whole system or in individual parts, gives you the flexibility to select drying locations as needed. Energy consumption is determined solely by the number of drying mandrels used, with each pair of shoes consuming only 0.014 KW.

You have the option to activate the dryer modules separately or in groups, with an external timer controlling the drying time. The seamless assembly of the modules ensures an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

The Secatronic shoe dryer is suitable for all types of shoes.

A robust drying mandrel with a diameter of 4 cm creates a generous support surface. This not only promotes even heat distribution in the shoe, but also prevents pressure points and ensures complete drying all the way to the tips of the shoe.

The latest Secatronic technology guarantees minimal power consumption by heating only the drying mandrels that actually carry a shoe.

Detail description of the Secatronic shoe dryer

  • Intelligent shoe drying with trigger weight already at 250g
  • Secatronic shoe dryer modules available from 4 to 5 pairs of shoes
  • A 4 cm thick drying mandrel prevents pressure points & dries gently
  • Different module heights make optimum use of every wall surface
  • Noble appearance due to stainless steel and butt mounting
  • Also suitable for children’s shoes
  • Low odor

Versions of the Secatronic shoe dryer

Secatronic 04

Height | Width | Depth : 136 | 30 | 29 cm
Capacity: 4 pairs of shoes
Power | Rated current: 14 W/h/shoe pair
0.4 A / inrush current 1.28 A

Secatronic 05

Height | Width | Depth : 175 | 30 | 29 cm
Capacity: 5 pairs of shoes
Power | Rated current: 14 W/h/shoe pair
0.5 A / inrush current 1.6 A

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