Schuhtrockner für Zentralheizung

Shoe dryer for central heating

Made of stainless steel, the shoe dryer for central heating, for mounting on the wall is particularly characterized by its energy efficiency, especially in solar-assisted heating systems. It is offered as a module for 10 pairs of shoes each, with a module height of 173 cm and a minimum room height of 210 cm. Thanks to its durable surface, it is easy to clean.

The optimum operating temperature of the shoe dryer for central heating is between 40 and 50 °C. Please note that at lower temperatures the drying ability cannot be guaranteed. If these temperature ranges are exceeded, the shoes may be damaged, for which no warranty is given.

Detailed description

  • With 20 drying thorns for 10 pairs of shoes
  • Dries particularly gently
  • Connection temperature between 40° to 55°C
  • Module height 173cm, minimum
  • Room height 220cm
  • Easy to clean stainless steel surface
  • Connection from trusted installer


Height | Width | Depth: 176 | 60 | 32 cm
Capacity: 10 pairs of shoes
Power: 900 W/h

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