Safe on the slopes and in the hotel

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Sicher unterwegs auf der Piste und im Hotel

Every year, between 4,000 and 5,000 people have accidents on Austria’s ski slopes. Therefore, it is important to be informed about safety measures for skiers. While these do not necessarily prevent accidents, they can significantly reduce the severity of injuries. However, ski accidents do not only happen on the slopes, as many believe, but the ski room can also become a potential source of danger. What security options are available and how you can support the protection of your guests, they learn in this article.

Helmets and protectors for protection in case of falls

In all Austrian provinces, with the exception of Tyrol and Vorarlberg, helmets are compulsory when skiing for children up to the age of 15. Thanks to this duty, they should be particularly protected, as children are often not able to assess risky situations very well. There is no general helmet obligation for adults in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. The government appeals to skiers’ common sense and it turns out that they are aware of the importance of wearing a helmet. In Germany, almost 80% of all skiers wear a helmet. Switzerland has the highest helmet-wearing rate. The main reasons cited for this are the educational work of ski associations and ski instructors.

Back protectors, on the other hand, are not yet as established as helmets, although they can also contribute quite a bit to protection in skiing accidents. This could be because protectors were bulky and heavy until not too long ago. In the meantime, however, there are already feather-light and flexible specimens. A distinction is made here between hard-shell protectors and soft protectors. Hard shell protectors are suitable for skiers and snowboarders who like to go fast, soft protectors for anyone who wants extra protection for their back.

Safety goes beyond the slopes!

Your guests survived the day on the slopes in one piece? Then it is now necessary to ensure their safety in the ski room. After all, exhaustion after a hard day’s skiing can cause a lack of concentration. Then a slippery floor or ski equipment lying around become serious sources of danger. Therefore, it is important to set up the ski room in a way that minimizes the risk. Falls due to slipping can be avoided, for example, by laying out non-slip rubber mats in the ski room. These have the additional advantage of protecting your soil and minimizing noise due to their honeycomb shape.
With the right storage systems, not only can order be created in the ski room, but tripping hazards can also be easily eliminated, thus preventing injuries.
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