Storage systems for order in your ski room

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Aufbewahrungssysteme für Ordnung in Ihrem Skiraum

Chaos in the ski room is an absolute no-go. Your guests won’t find their way around and your guests’ winter gear may be damaged or even lost due to improper storage. Likewise, your premises could suffer. To prevent this scenario, it is necessary to equip the ski room with high-quality storage facilities. Which storage systems we have on offer for your ski room and what they are suitable for, you can find out here in our ski blog!

Ski storage Complete

This storage system for your ski room is offered in several variants. On the one hand, you can mount it on the wall. This variant is perfect for narrow corridors and small rooms. Furthermore, we offer the storage system on rails, casters or free-standing. All three variants can be adapted to children’s skis.
The freestanding version is particularly suitable for outdoor use. Up to 48 pairs of skis can be stored in an area of only 1.55 m². This system is thus space-saving and multifunctional. In addition, fixed adjustment elements ensure that the skis do not tip over.

The possibility on rails or rollers proves itself especially in large ski rooms, because here a lot can be stowed at once. The functions and appearance of the system provide order in the ski room. With the ski storage Complete, both skis and ski poles can be easily stored by your guests.
If desired, the system can also be supplemented with a drip tray and a chain lock.

Discover now:
Ski Complete Wall

Ski Complete rail

Ski Complete Roll

Ski Complete freestanding

Suspension holder ski: 2 variants

The hanging holder is mounted at a height of 1.90m and thus takes up little to no space. The first variant hanging holder ski 4/96 is 96cm wide and can accommodate 12 pairs of skis. The second variant hanging holder Ski 2/48 is more suitable for private use and can accommodate up to 6 pairs of skis. If desired, the system can be supplemented with a stick holder and a drip tray.

Ski rake

The ski rake is mounted at a height of 1.35 m with the skis on the ground. This system is particularly well suited for the outdoor area in front of your hotel ski room. It is available as a module with 7 hooks and can be extended as desired. The ski rake can be equipped with a drip cup, if interested, to provide more cleanliness in the interior.

Discover now: Ski rake

Hanging holder snowboard: 2 variants

The hanging holders for snowboards are mounted on the wall. There are two variants for optimal use of space. Variant 1 of the hanging holder snowboard is 65 cm wide and offers storage space for 3 to 6 boards. Variant 2 has a width of 96 cm and offers space for 4 to 8 boards.

Discover now:
Hanging holder snowboard 3/65

Hanging holder snowboard 4/96

Holder trolley

The holder trolley is available for floor mounting or in combination with the rail system. With a width of only one meter, this is a particularly space-saving system. Up to 30 pairs of ski or snowboard boots can be stored on either 6x Superdry 05 or Secatronic 05 drying spikes.

Shelf trolley

The shelf trolley can be either mounted on the floor or used as a rail system. With a width of only one meter, the shelf trolley is also very space-saving. Included are 10 shelves made of stainless steel, on which shoes, helmets and accessories can be stored. Up to 4 pairs of shoes can be stored per level.


Our skibutler is a freely movable system. This has two swivel casters and two fixed casters, as well as a plastic handle, which make it easy to transport. The ski butler has room for 5 pairs of skis and 5 pairs of boots and can be used for both professional and recreational use.

Discover now: Ski butler on wheels

Skate rack

The skate rack is mounted on the wall. Thanks to the upright storage of the shoes in slots, the runners are well protected. The shelf has space for 15 pairs of shoes.

Why storage systems from Regensburger?

All our products are made of stainless steel, durable and of the highest quality. We are convinced of this. In addition, all of the above storage options come with a 7-year warranty.

If you want to discover our range of lockers & what which product is suitable for, read on here!

You still have questions? We will be happy to answer your questions and advise you in an individual meeting. Write to us atinfo@skiraum.ator simply call us at+43 5474 5500.

Greetings from Pfunds
Your team Regensburger!

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