Season start Sölden

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Saisonstart Sölden

The start of the season in Sölden is coming up. On 22.10.2022 the ski season in Sölden finally starts again. But are you and your ski room ready for the onslaught of guests? How you can prepare and what should not be missing in your ski room you will learn here in our ski blog!

Ski Opening

Enthusiastic ski guests come both for skiing and for the Ski World Cup Opening. The Ski World Cup Opening will take place this year from 21.10. – 23.10.2022 and attracts many guests to the region. Full program skiing is announced in this time and that means big rush on the hotel industry in the region. If you are not already fully booked at this time, now is the time to fill the last rooms!

Prepare your ski room for your guests

Each guest should be able to store their valuables and personal belongings neatly. The ultimate ski room locker is our All Seasons locker. Ideally suited for the winter as well as summer months. Due to the high spaciousness of the locker, it is perfect for sharing as a family or group. The locker has two compartments for four people!

Your guests must also be able to stow their skis and snowboards independently and properly. To ensure order in the ski room, our ski and snowboard hanging holders are ideal. This saves space on the floor, moves storage to the wall and makes the best use of space in the ski room.

In your ski room everything should be prepared for the arrival of guests for the start of the season in Sölden. If you are still unsure, attached is a checklist from us of everything that is outstanding for review:

Ski room checklist Opening:

  • Are all lockers cleared and all locks intact?
  • Disinfect & clean the lockers
  • Does the technology work? (shoe dryer, heating, …)
  • Do you have floor mats for slip resistance?(Important, as melted snow increases the risk of slipping!)
  • Check the drainage for melted snow
  • Check all equipment in your ski room for safety & functionality
  • Make your ski room homely, for more comfort in the ski room

Anything else to add?

If necessary, add to your ski room to provide optimal comfort for your guests. Important, but often overlooked details, such as floor mats, decorations and info flyers can also be replaced or added last-minute. It is only important that your guests feel comfortable in your ski room, enjoy starting their day there and arrive back after a strenuous day, be it from skiing itself or just from watching the Ski World Cup Opening.


You still have questions? We will be happy to answer your questions and advise you in an individual meeting. Write to us atinfo@skiraum.ator simply call us at+43 5474 5500.

Greetings from Pfunds
Your team Regensburger!

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