The 7 most important features of your ski room

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Die 7 wichtigsten Merkmale Ihres Skiraum

When planning your multifunction room, there are some points that should not be forgotten, as some are difficult to add later. The attention and implementation of the most important features of a bike & ski room are the “make or break” point, which gives your bike or ski room that certain something and where your guests like to stay and feel comfortable.

The 7 most important demands you should make on your multifunction room, you can find out here!

1. sufficient storage facilities

To keep your multi-function room tidy, you should provide your guests with plenty of storage options. So they can easily store your bikes, skis, snowboards, helmets, boots, equipment and personal items. When determining the need for lockers, it is best to be guided by the number of rooms. For a sufficient number of shoe dryers, lockers and bike, ski and snowboard racks, pay attention to the maximum bed occupancy (including extra beds) when planning. Anticipate that some guests may arrive with more than one bike, pair of skis or snowboard. Space should not be at a premium even with changing guests. So plan for additional storage for late departing or early arriving guests.

2. intuitive use

To make the flow of your multi-function room as smooth as possible for your guests, consider intuitive use of the space when planning. A bike or ski room should have as little signage as possible. Your guests should encounter as few obstacles as possible. The best way is to build the multifunction room in a kind of lock system.

What is a lock system in the multifunction room?

Rather than simply distributing equipment randomly around the room, it makes sense to think in advance about how the multifunction room should be set up. When guests arrive, they should first be able to take off their bikes, skis and snowboards, and then take off their boots. Only after these steps are completed, the guests come to the lockers. This is particularly useful to allow an almost smooth flow.

3. design

Your guests pass through the multifunction room at least twice a day. Now that the airlock system makes the room less hectic, it is important to consider the design of the multifunction room. None of your guests want to start the day in a cold, bare room, do they? Therefore, some aspects should be considered when setting up.

Photos of the biking or skiing area or of bikers or skiers add a certain feel-good factor to the room and trigger guests’ anticipation of skiing, snowboarding or biking. In addition to these more obvious design ideas, there are still a few important points that you should definitely not forget about.

These points are not to be neglected:

  • Bright lighting creates a friendly ambience
  • Room dividers break the sound
  • The highest shoe drying module should be about 30 centimeters lower than the room height
  • as little signage as possible (intuitive use of space)
  • Electric doors are optional, but significantly increase comfort
  • A shower in the ski room pleases those guests who still do sports on the day of departure

4. accessibility

To increase the comfort of your guests and reduce your cleaning costs, it makes sense to make the multifunctional room accessible to your guests from the parking lot or underground garage(by car). This way, your guests don’t have to walk all over the hotel with their equipment and dirty shoes, and for your guests, the direct access provides some convenience. It is important to consider how the access should be set during the planning stage.

We are happy to help! Each bike and ski room is customizable. We plan with you the multifunctional room of your dreams according to your wishes. Whether materials of lockers or equipment of the room, we will help you to fulfill your wishes.

5. good soil

To keep your multifunctional space in good condition and protected from damage for as long as possible, it makes sense to invest in a good, durable and sturdy floor. We will be happy to advise you on the selection of the right materials!

Once you have decided on a floor of your choice, it is important to provide slip resistance in your multi-function room. In winter there is an increased risk of slipping due to melted snow and in summer on rainy days.

Provide non-slip floor mats, especially in the entry and exit areas.

6. cleaning

Regular cleaning of your multifunction room is essential. To ensure cleanliness and hygiene, mount as much as possible to the wall for quick and easy cleaning of the floor. Our wall mounts for bikes, e-bikes, skis and snowboards are ideal for this purpose. Our shoe dryers and lockers are also suitable for mounting on the wall.

7. do not forget helmets

Do not forget helmet storage and drying! Helmet storage keeps your multifunction room tidy. Helmets are compulsory for children up to 12 years! Note, if you already have a ski room, that 10 years ago helmets were not compulsory, so you should provide suitable storage for helmets.

Any questions? We will be happy to answer your questions in an individual meeting. Write to us at or simply call us at +43 5474 5500.

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Your team Regensburger!

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