Electric boot dryer

Electric shoe dryer

The electric boot dryer, designed for 10 pairs of boots and equipped with long drying spikes, offers a versatile solution for all your drying needs. Whether it’s ski boots or hiking boots, this device is equally suitable for both.

With its efficient and uniform drying technology, the electric shoe dryer combines functionality with ease of use. The long drying mandrel guarantees that the heat penetrates to the deepest parts of the boot, ensuring complete and rapid drying.

The robust construction ensures a long service life, even with frequent use. Operation is extremely simple, and the compact design allows for space-saving storage.

The electric boot dryer is ideal for hotel and tourism businesses. Your guests will appreciate this shoe dryer to dry their boots comfortably.

Detail description of electric shoe dryer

  • All elements of the electric boot dryer can be combined with each other & directly next to each other
  • The dryer modules can be switched individually or in groups
  • Available in elements for 10 pairs of shoes each
  • The drying time is controlled by an external 24 hrs timer
  • Overheating protection due to electronically controlled shoe temperature
  • Gentle, almost noiseless & odorless drying
  • Uniform heating of the drying mandrel (4cm diameter)
  • Dry thorn has a length of 36 cm
  • No pressure points due to large contact surface of the shoe
  • Rounded, tightly welded end caps
  • The electric boot dryer is suitable for all types of boots
  • Mounting height 175cm from floor


Height | Width | Depth: 1176 | 60 | 40 cm
Power | Rated current: 140 W/h
Rated current 0.45 A

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